September 16, 2017

QEMU Virtual Machine PCIe Device Passthrough Using vfio-pci

When running a QEMU virtual machine (VM) on a Linux based operating system, we have the ability to dedicate PCIe devices to VMs using the vfio-pci kernel module so that the VM can control them directly. You may want to do this for many reasons, a USB controller so anything plugged into that controller's USB ports are connected to the VM, a SATA controller for booting or controlling drives directly, a network card, sounds card, or even a graphics card for high performance graphics acceleration inside the VM. This guide will show how this can be done with out blacklisting the kernel module driver of the device you want to pass through. For example, if you have multiple devices that use the same kernel module, blacklisting it would prevent all of the devices in the system from using the kernel module. With this method you can have multiple devices in the same system which use the same kernel module, you could even have two identical devices (like two of the same GPU) and keep one for the host and pass one into the VM.

November 25, 2016

Add Thumb Keys Into a Mechanical Keyboard [Filco Majestouch Convertible 2]

If you have a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX series switches or a similar switch type like OMRON B3G series or ALPS SKCL/SKCM series it is relativity easy to add and or re-position the layout of keys to your liking. These types of switches are their own separate module instead of using contacts on the PCB like rubber dome or Torpre keyboards making it easy to place them wherever you want and wire them manually fairly easily, the hardest part is cutting new mounting holes into the switch plate.

Inspired by this blog: hieroglyphe.blog47.fc2.com tag=「キートップ」 I decided to do a similar mod but in a way that looks nearly factory by using standard size key caps and getting the extra keys custom printed to match. Since I am right handed I made "Space" key usable with my right thumb and the 2 extra thumb keys usable with my left thumb. These 2 extra keys can function as the following: [Enter/BackSpace] [+/-] or [Space/Enter] and are configurable with switches at the back of the keyboard.

[Before] [After]

August 6, 2016

REGI / Raptor Education Group, Inc. 2017 Fundraising Calendar

I was requested to design and create the 2017 fundraising calendar for REGI (Raptor Education Group, Inc.) Raptor Education Group, Inc is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned native bird species and public education of wildlife issues. All Photography was taken by Angie Rea.  Please note these images are low resolution to prevent unauthorized printing, you may purchase a calendar at the REGI facility in Antigo, WI.
REGI:  www.raptoreducationgroup.org/about/ 
Angie Rea:  www.etsy.com/shop/BeneathNorthernSkies

July 18, 2016

REGI / Raptor Education Group, Inc. 2017 Logo

I have been tasked with creating the 2017 fundraising calendar for REGI, I have decided to redesign their company logo as well, here is the result. Raptor Education Group, Inc is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned native bird species and public education of wildlife issues.
You may visit the REGI home-page via this link:

July 17, 2016

夜の光スキン [osu!]



June 3, 2016

Shion OS 2 [Linux]

Project has been abandoned and will not receive updates!
Current Version = Shion OS 2 Beta 0.5.1  [2-0.2.B.0.5.1]  Released 2016/09/28 - 10:20 JST

Shion OS 2 is the product of years of learning and tweaking UNIX like operating systems to achieve a perfect balance between visuals, user interface efficiency, stability, and functionality, oh and also lots of sugary candy, caffeinated drinks, and no sleep. Shion OS 2 is designed to be used on desktop and workstation computers where getting things done quickly and efficiently is a priority. I have taken the UI layout and design from Shion OS 1 and adapted and improved while building Shion OS 2 from Debian 8.8 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It uses a modified version of the XFCE4.12 desktop environment, you will find that Shion OS 2 is likely the cleanest, most consistent, and stable version of XFCE4 since I have made many patches and tweaks throughout. I really wanted to make the best XFCE4 desktop possible. I have made many behind the scenes bug fixes and tweaks to make Shion OS 2 very stable and feel like a quality operating system.

Shion OS 2 is currently in its beta, I can not give an ETA for the finished product and be aware of the possibility of updates in the beta repository to drastically change some parts of the system over time. If you wish to use this on your main system, the latest beta is better in every way over the old stable release of

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