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October 18, 2014

[null]'s CPU Monitor

[null]'s CPU Monitor is a little project I whipped up one night that displays and/or records various system information via the console. This application has 2 modes, History Mode and Live Mode. Live mode just displays current system information and History Mode displays system information once per second in a list with time-stamps. History Mode can currently record up to 4 and a half hours of information (may be unlimited in the future via outputting to a .txt file). This application is simple, clean, and incredibly light, its a nice alternative to having task manager opened just to view system information. I would like to add more features in the future, like temperature and GPU usage support.

I have been teaching myself to code in a few languages, a little while ago I decided to start coding in C# and I came up with this. It was created in one night as the fist time ever coding anything in C# so don't expect much, but I would like to continue to improve it.


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