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March 2, 2016

Shion OS Thunar Add-ons

Current Version = v1.1.3-2.1

shion-os-thunar-add-ons is a package which adds extra functionality to context menus through Thunar's built in "Custom Actions" system. Below is a list of functions included in shion-os-thunar-add-ons. More may be added in the future. This package will replace any custom actions you may have added, it is recommended to back them up before installing and add them manually to "~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml" after installation. This may be handled by shion-os-thunar-add-ons automatically in the future.

Download shion-os-thunar-add-ons_1.1.3-2.1_all.deb


Install: Install the selected Debian packages.

Find in This Folder: Similar to the default search function but using gnome-search-tool as the back-end instead of catfish-file-search.

Open Terminal Here: Opens a terminal in the current directory. (Same as default)

Open Terminal Here as Root: Opens a terminal in the current directory as root account.

Open as Root: Opens the selected file, application, or directory in its default application as root account.

Extract Here: Extract selected archives of any archive type to the current directory.

Extract To: Opens a dialog to extract selected archives of any archive type to a specified directory.

Create Archive from Selection: Opens a dialog to create an archive of any type with the selected files inside.

Copy Filename: Copies the name of selected files to the clipboard.

Copy Path: Copies the full path to the selected files to the clipboard.

Copy Path to Directory: Copies the path of the directory containing the files to the clipboard.

Comments are encouraged, but before commenting, please read 'readme.txt' first.

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