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October 17, 2015

Foobar2000 Black Icon and Button Glyphs

Foobar is a great music player but I have always found the default icons and buttons left a lot to be desired. I have made 2 Foobar icons and some simple yet elegant black button glyphs instead of the default white ones which are difficult to see. each of the Icons and glyphs are 256px .ICO files.

I may end up making an entire UI skin in the future but for now this is all I need.

Below you can see example of how these icons and buttons look used inside Foobar.

Installation Instructions
To use these buttons in foobar you simply right click over the button panel inside of Foobar and click "Customize Buttons" in the drop down menu, here you will be able to change custom icons for each button of your choosing. 


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