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June 3, 2016

Shion OS 2 [Linux]

Project has been abandoned and will not receive updates!
Current Version = Shion OS 2 Beta 0.5.1  [2-0.2.B.0.5.1]  Released 2016/09/28 - 10:20 JST

Shion OS 2 is the product of years of learning and tweaking UNIX like operating systems to achieve a perfect balance between visuals, user interface efficiency, stability, and functionality, oh and also lots of sugary candy, caffeinated drinks, and no sleep. Shion OS 2 is designed to be used on desktop and workstation computers where getting things done quickly and efficiently is a priority. I have taken the UI layout and design from Shion OS 1 and adapted and improved while building Shion OS 2 from Debian 8.8 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It uses a modified version of the XFCE4.12 desktop environment, you will find that Shion OS 2 is likely the cleanest, most consistent, and stable version of XFCE4 since I have made many patches and tweaks throughout. I really wanted to make the best XFCE4 desktop possible. I have made many behind the scenes bug fixes and tweaks to make Shion OS 2 very stable and feel like a quality operating system.

Shion OS 2 is currently in its beta, I can not give an ETA for the finished product and be aware of the possibility of updates in the beta repository to drastically change some parts of the system over time. If you wish to use this on your main system, the latest beta is better in every way over the old stable release of

MD5: ---- 

Download Shion OS 2 Beta 0.5.1 [2-0.2.B.0.5.1]

If the live user to auto-login please enter the user-name "live" in the user-name field and leave the password field blank and click "login"
Users with AMD or ATI Radeon GPU will not be able to use AMD proprietary graphics drivers. Such graphics intensive tasks like gaming or GPU accelerated 3D rendering may suffer with the open source AMD Radeon drivers. They are good enough for most dekstop use but if you need high performance graphics I will either make a compatibility package in the future or update Shion OS 1 with a final update to improve stability and UI with packages from Shion OS 2. Until then please remain on Shion OS 1 unless you are crafty enough to downgrade xorg, linux kernel, and other required packages yourself.

Get Involved or Contribute!

Artwork and UI
I would like to include a community wallpaper pack in addition to the stock wallpapers I have created for Shion OS. I am looking for clean and minimal wallpapers which are flat in design although I am open to anything provided the quality is good and is not to complicated and busy to be used as a desktop wallpaper. Photography is also an option, a quality photo of a single shion (紫苑) flower would be nice. You can submit your creations to me via one of the links on my readme.txt page. Any submissions that make it into the wallpaper pack will be listed in the package description along with any website/contact information you desire. 

I am also always looking to improve the GTK UI theme if anyone feels like attempting to improve it.

Bug and Stability Testing 
I would like anyone to report bugs they find and their general experience with Shion OS 2. I recommend installing apport to help log crashes and bugs. Send all reports to me via one of the contact links on my readme.txt page. Some specific things I want users to look out for:

grub2 EFI mode general failures.

Issues with the repositories package system, such as conflicting packages or packages that break other packages.

Flaws in the GTK UI themes.

Files, directories, or information you feel may have been included or left out by accident.

Issues and suggested improvements to the build script, does it function correctly every time? Are their certain variables that cause the ISO to fail on some way? Are all the correct packages being installed on the live system, etc.
(run build script with shion-build command, see shion-os-build-utils package in synaptic package manager for more details.)

Does Thunar crash? If so what caused the crash. I have patched Thunar file manager myself and it has been 100% stable on my end so far, but in my experience the crashing when re-naming files bug occurred at different frequencies depending on the system.

Possibly more to come!

Repository Hosting
I am hosting the Shion OS repositories on AWS S3 due to its great command line tools, low price, and high uptime. If Shion OS continues getting used more and more at the same rate eventually I will not be able to afford hosting for the repository.

I don't ask for anything for my software/creations but if you would like to show your support you may donate using the PayPal link also on my readme.txt page. Donations go toward my living expenses like medical bills and such first and other expenses like the repository second.

Comments are encouraged, but before commenting, please read 'readme.txt' first.

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