Modified NVIDIA Notebook Driver .INF

Installation Instructions
Place the downloaded .inf files into the 'Display.Driver' folder after extracting the NVIDIA Driver. Default extraction directory is C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\*VERSION*\*OS*\*LANGUAGE*  After placing the Modified .inf into the correct directory you will need boot Windows with Driver Signature Enforcement disabled if you are using Windows 8 or newer. Then navigate to the folder you've extracted your driver to and run "setup.exe" as administrator.


    View my post on how to modify your own driver using the link below.

    How to Modify NVIDIA Notebook Driver .INF Files
    1. Great post friend!
      Thank you for sharing! Success for you!

    2. Once again, fantastic work mate. Thanks!

    3. Hi there, do you have an up to date modified driver for the Clevo P150SM? Windows 10 just updated and now my FPS is terrible :/

    4. Thank you very much, do you know how to do this in Linux package? I want to modify my inf of the Linux driver.

      1. Hi, sorry for the late response, if you are using a Linux operating system you should not need to modify them the way you would a Windows driver. The Linux driver does not check for pre-defined hardware IDs before installing the driver like the Windows version. Unless Nvidia have dramatically changed their Linux drivers since I had my 980m notebook, in that case I am not sure how you would go about doing this yet but I may look into it in the future.


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