May 21, 2018

SaikouType ST110r2 Programmable Mechanical Keyboard PCB

The SaiklouType NKBM-ST110r2 is an open source, Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard project which uses a programmable Atmel AT90USB1286 Micro-controller in the form of a Teensy++ 2.0 development board. The goal of this project is to create a programmable keyboard that anyone can build and program at home. Having a 100% through-hole design means that even soldering novices should be able to assemble their own keyboard. This design also tries to cut down on all non-essential parts to reduce the total amount of components that one would need to source in order to complete assembly. This design fits existing Filco Majestouch and some Filco clone case designs, including the Majestouch Convertible 2 with it's battery compartment. The ST110r2 has a language / layout agnostic PCB design, so only one version needs to be manufactured for a wide range of languages / layouts to cut costs and consolidate stock. The ST110r2 can be programmed from scratch, with tmk_keyboard firmware, or with my null_keyboard firmware.



Current Release Version: 2.0-2018.02.11

Supported Layouts:
※ JIS thumb-shift and/or split space bar

Hardware Features:
※ Free and open source, designed using free software, GPL v2.0 license
※ Supports Filco Majestouch and Filco clone cases
※ Removable cable when using Majestouch Convertible 2 Case
※ Under-key-cap LED indicators
※ Through-hole design for easy assembly
※ Atmel AVR AT90USB1286 MCU
※ Universal layout
※ Expansion headers for possible future expansion modules
※ Bluetooth expansion module in prototype stage

Default Firmware Features:
※ Free and open source, mostly GPL v2.0 license
※ null_keyboard firmware is written in C
※ null_keyboard is tmk_keyboard fork and mostly compatible
※ Customizable LED animations
※ On-the-fly LED brightness control
※ N-key rollover
※ Advanced macro support, create precise timed macros, includes example code for OS detection
※ PIN protected macro layer for password managment
※ HEX-shift numpad, numpad becomes HEX input pad while holding down numpad enter/shift key
※ Integrated mouse, numpad becomes mouse whe holding Caps/shift or with a toggle
※ Game mode turns off Windows key and Japanese keys when in games
※ Modern scroll lock, arrow keys become mouse scroll wheel when holding work scroll lock
※ Telemetry in development, currently only has resetable key-press counter
※ Bluetooth support in early development
※ and more

Parts List:
※ ~110 Cherry MX or Cherry MX clone switches
※ ~110 1N4148 diodes
※ 3-10 3mm LEDs 3v or 5v
※ 3-10 330 ohm resistors if using 3v LEDs
※ 2.54mm pitch pins and headers (for Teensy and optional expansion ports)
※ Teensy++ 2.0 or compatible
※ USB Mini B male and female connectors (optional)
※ Filco or compatible key-caps, case, and switch mount plate

How to get one

PCB Order
You can order a PCB directly with the following email form including your order quantity, name/company, shipping address, and any additional details for a quote. Silkscreen, solder-mask, and materials customization may be available depending on order size. The average price for one blue solder-mask tin-plate PCB is $30 with free shipping depending on location. Cost reductions may be available with larger orders.

Alternatively you may check my ebay store for available listings.

Keyboard Order
You can order a custom built keyboard directly with the following email form including your order quantity, name/company, shipping address, and build requirements. I will work with you to offer a range of different options and customizations. Price ranges drastically anywhere from ~$150 to $300 + depending on options and customizations. I can import Japanese Filco products that are not available in the US like specialty and KOBO frames or Majestouch Black cases and key-caps should you want them for your order. Free shipping may be available depending on location.

Alternatively you may check my ebay store for available listings.


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